Copenhagen University Badminton Spring Tournament 2023

Skrevet af

Connie Hansen.

D. 27. april 2023.


The Spring Tournament in badminton was held the 18th of March 2023. With 5 teams participating, competition was tuff, and fun was everywhere.

The format of the tournament was that the teams would play mostly doubles (men, ladies and mix) as well as some singles. If a team won by more than the double of the opponent, the winners would get 3 points, and the opponent 0. If a team won by less than double of the opponent, the winners would get 2 points, and the opponent 1 point. The matches would go on, until the referee blew the whistle. If a team was still equal at the end, they would play a match point – that happened quite often!

The teams consisted of 5-6 players from the different teams in KSI. The teams were mixed and balanced in order to make them equally strong. This proved to be smart, because the tournament was exciting and close, with different teams taking the lead for each round. 20 matches were played, and 16 of them ended with the tightest margin in points between the teams: 5-4.

The ending result came to this:

Team 1: 37 points

Team 2: 39 points

Team 3: 33 points

Team 4: 32 points

Team 5: 39 points

As you will notice, Team 2 and Team 5 were equal in scores. There had to be a winner, though. Therefore, a player from Team 2 and Team 5 battled it out in a rock-paper-scissor fight – best out of 3.

Team 5 won the first round, but then Team 2 made a comeback and won it all! They got their celebration, ovation and trophies.

The real trophy was of course meeting new people and playing some badminton.