Yoga in English - summer

Are you an exchange student in Denmark? Or do you just prefer your instructor to be communicating in english? If that's the case these yoga classes in english will definitely suit you!

About the instructors

Helene and Lea met each other during yoga teacher training (200 TT). They are now teaching yoga classes together centered around a joint interest in combining yin yoga inspired postures with flow exercises and the role of yoga practice in the everyday life of students. Helene and Lea have been practising yoga for more than 25 years combined. Lea’s yoga practice mainly draws inspiration from both Ashtanga and yin yoga and Helene’s yoga practice is similarly founded on both restorative and flow yoga.

Yoga In English (Som)

Classes in this yoga course are centered around slow movements and exercises that will help you build up strength and relieve tension, so that you can enjoy the week with renewed energy. We will begin each class with breathing exercises and moveme...
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