What to pay?

What do I have to pay?

UCPH Student Sports is an association. The membership fee is payment for a membership, and not for a certain amount of training and all amounts regarding classes are therefore VAT-free. As a rule, there is no right of withdrawal on purchased services such as subscriptions, team participations, etc. (see section 18 (12) of the Act on Certain Consumer Contracts).

However, at UCPH Student Sports you can both move and cancel classes - read more here.

When you sign up for classes/tours/courses in UCPH Student Sports, there are the following amounts to pay:

1. Membership

DKK 180 - paid once per calendar year in the main season and valid from 1st September until last Sunday of August. Membership is paid in connection with registration for a members first class/trip/course. Regarding Summer season - if you only sign up for classes in the summer season, membership is DKK 80 and valid from the time of registration until the last Sunday of August

2. Team membership

The team membership fee varies and appears next to each class/trip/course you sign up for. The team membership fee covers the training period of the team.

3. Non-student fee

Non-student fee is paid in addition to the class membership fee by all non-students and Ph.D.-students for each class, trip/course you sign up for.

4. Non-UCPH-student fee

Non-UCPH-student fee is paid in addition to the class membership fee by all members who are students, but not UCPH students.