Membership conditions


By registering and paying the membership fee and for a team, membership of UCPH Student Sports is obtained. This means that you are then subject to UCPH Student Sports' statutes and guidelines, etc.


UCPH Student Sports is an association. The team membership fee is payment for a membership, and not for a certain amount of training and all amounts regarding classes are therefore VAT-free. As a rule, there is no right of withdrawal on purchased services such as subscriptions, team participations, etc. (see section 18 (12) of the Act on Certain Consumer Contracts).

Trial trainings. We do not offer trial trainings, but your are always welcome to come and observe a training to meet the coach and see the level af the class. You have the right to withdraw from a 8-month class before the 3rd session after having joined the class - see Right of withdrawal.

When you sign up for classes/tours/courses in UCPH Student Sports, there are the following amounts to pay:

1. Team membership

The team membership fee varies and appears next to each class/trip/course you sign up for. The team membership fee covers the training period of the team.

2. Non-student fee

Non-student fee is paid in addition to the team membership fee by all non-students and Ph.D.-students for each class, trip/course you sign up for.

3. Non-UCPH-student fee

Non-UCPH-student fee is paid in addition to the team membership fee by all members who are students, but not UCPH students.



The exact dates and times of the start and end of the teams can be found on the receipt and on the member's profile on

UCPH Student Sports has 2 seasons a year: Main Season and Summer Season – each with its own program.

  1. Main Season – September-April

Registration starts at the end of August and can then be done continuously throughout the season as long as there is open places on the team. The program is published on the website in August.

  1. Summer Season - April-August with varying training periods

Registration in two periods. In March for tennis, beach volleyball and exercise. In April for outdoor activities starting in May. Registration can then be done continuously throughout the season as long as there is a open places on the team. The programme for activities will be published on the website during March and April.

: Purchasing the full course is mandatory; you cannot purchase individual months or a specific time period separately. If you are unable to join the team for the entire season due to an exchange program or similar circumstances, please read more about our refund policy in the dedicated section.



We use Nets and DIBS as payment providers for Dankort and other credit card types. Read more on their websites about security of online payment.

You are not registered until payment has been completed and you have received a receipt on the email address entered in the user profile in the association's membership system.

You can pay with Dankort, VisaDankort, Visa and Mastercard.

Confirmation of registration

Members will receive an email confirming registration and payment. Only upon receipt of this separate email confirmation your participation in a class is validly registered. Member profile on our website must always be kept up to date with correct email address, phone number, address, etc. Any cancellations and other important information regarding the registered classes will be sent by e-mail and,  if possible, SMS.

Waiting List

It is possible to sign up for a waiting list for one or more specific classes when the class is full. A place on the waiting list is only valid in the current season.

The waiting list in the membership system is fully automated. This means that if a vacancy arises in a class with a waiting list, the place is offered via email to no. 1 on the waiting list. After that, you have 48 hours to accept offers of space. If no. 1 on the waiting list does not accept the place within 48 hours, no. 2 on the waiting list is offered the place for 48 hours, etc. When a waiting list for a specific team has been run through once without a member having purchased the place, the team's waiting list is deleted, and vacant places are given free.

Registration after the start of the season

It is possible to register for teams throughout the season if there are vacant places. Specific conditions may apply to activities with fixed curriculums or specific safety demands. For teams that train for the entire period from September to April, the team membership fee is reduced by 50% from January.

Changes in teams

We reserve the right to change or discontinue classes in connection with little or no registration. Likewise, we reserve the right to make ongoing professional adjustments to the teams' levels throughout the season.

Liability and safety

You agree that participation in all classes in UCPH Student Sports takes place at your own risk, and that UCPH Student Sports is not liable for compensation in the event of injury during sports or when being in UCPH Student Sports areas.

You agree to comply with the coach's safety instructions, and you have a duty to inform the coach about personal circumstances that may affect safety in relation to the training.

When registering for kayak and SUP classes, you indicate that you can swim 600 meters without a break in the swimming pool.

You agree that you are acting at your own risk to third parties.

You agree that you are acting at your own risk in relation to the premises and equipment to which you may cause damage.

Right of withdrawal

In general, cf. Section 9(2) of the Consumer Contracts Act does not have a right of withdrawal when purchasing "recreational leisure activities" via the Internet. All payments related to registrations for classes or trips are payments for participation and not for a specific amount of training. However, UCPH Student Sports has special regret conditions:

We do not offer trial classes, but during the main season (Sep.-April) you have the opportunity to unsubscribe and get the team membership fee again if the following 2 conditions are met:

  • Registration for the class must not have been made by moving from another team.
  • The cancellation is made online NO LATER THAN the day before the 3rd class after your registration, if the class trains once a week. If the team trains twice a week, the cancellation must be made before the 2nd training session in the 3rd week after your registration.

It is not possible to unsubscribe from short teams, trips or courses.

It is not possible to unsubscribe from classes, trips or courses during the summer season.

When unsubscribing, a handling fee of DKK 50 is deducted.

The membership fee is non-refundable.

Force majeure

No reduction, reimbursement or substitute education is given when the training must be cancelled, e.g. as a result of rallies, repair of facilities, vandalism, vomiting, faecal spills, cancellations by the halls, strikes, lockouts or other unforeseen events - including cancellations caused by diseases such as COVID-19. UCPH Student Sports is allocated sports facilities from the City of Copenhagen and has no responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the sports facilities.

Communication and newsletters for members

As a member of UCPH Student Sports, you agree to receive information regarding your classes, member information and newsletters. You also agree to show your name and email address to the other participants, as well as coaches, of the classes you sign up for. Information is retrieved from members' created profiles and cannot be deselected.

Change of membership fees and membership conditions

The current membership fees and membership conditions are stated on the website.


UCPH Student Sports reserves the right to make textual and price errors and reserves the right to adjust structure and content of the teams.

UCPH Student Sports is not responsible for breakdowns or failures to access the website, breakdowns in power supply or internet connection, vandalism of the system (both physical as well as computer viruses and hacking), misuse of personal data or other conditions and circumstances that are beyond our control.

GDPR - Personal data

When you click around on the website, statistical data ("cookies") may be collected. This data is completely anonymous, which means that it does not contain information that can identify the user, even if logged in. Sensitive data sent over the network is secured using SSL encryption ("Secure Socket Layer"). The servers that store data about our users are located securely behind a firewall. Information is not stored encrypted on the server. The information you provide is treated in full confidentiality and is used exclusively in connection with the purchase of membership at UCPH Student Sports, as well as for sending out newsletters that the user has signed up for.

Members who wish to register for classes at UCPH Student Sports are assigned a username and password. It is the member's responsibility to keep this information secure.

UCPH Student Sports processes personal data with care and only uses it for these purposes:

  • Validation of members' identities in relation to study status and grants from public bodies.
  • Compliance with legal requirements, e.g. in connection with secure identification, execution of payments and prevention of financial crime.
  • UCPH Student Sports only uses your personal data for specific purposes that we have informed you about or for which you have given your consent to when registering for a class. We only collect the personal data that is necessary to provide the service we believe is necessary for a team to function or that is required to fulfil legal obligations.
  • UCPH Student Sports will only share your personal data if required by law or if you have given us permission to do so.
  • You have the right to know what personal data we have about you, to receive a copy thereof and to be informed of what we need it for.
  • UCPH Student Sports automatically cleans up former members' personal data when they can no longer register or when their data is judged outdated. Due to documentation requirements from the City of Copenhagen, general member information is stored for up to 5 years after resignation. Data will then be deleted.



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The association's articles of association can be found here.